Investing in real estate is never a bad idea and most well know people made the bucks on betting on real estate. Real estate has and will continue to always be the most popular vehicle in producing financial wealth. Understanding the method in which a specific deal is funded can greatly impact its outcome, understanding the financing aspect is imperative. The real world, real estate is most often than not is financed using financial institutions or commonly known as banks for the usual folks. Where the bank sets the tone of a certain down payment and you take out a mortgage for a fix number of years with monthly installments praying that interest rates remain the same.

For locals or foreigners with work permits, the process is pretty straight forward. Visit any bank and if you meet their requirements, the loan is dispense usually within a month, after submitting all the documents they require. All Thai banks provide loans and if you need any assistance just get in touch with us at We are more than happy to link you up and speed up the process with the loan with some of our long established contacts attached with the banks.

Now with the foreigner thinking to invest or a foreigner now already based here. There is only 1 bank that dispense loans to foreigners that are working overseas and able to produce documents showing your income and all other documents required by the bank. However, traditional lenders follow strict guidelines with many demands that other financing options don’t require. The hurdles with traditional loans, include a sufficient down payment (anywhere from 15 to 25 percent), an adequate credit score and documentation of income. In addition, the money used must be what is called “sourced and seasoned” for at least 60 days and cannot be a gift. In many cases, this could limit many investors.

But really, with the prices so low its best and not a bad idea to just pay outright in cash to complete the transaction. Save on the interest here as the finance cost is not cheap, also taking into consideration that the bank needs you to purchase their insurance instruments along with the property loan. Probably its best to take out a loan from your home country to finance the purchase, if all the hard cash is not available.

Be sure to bring in your cash through the legal means and get documents showing that you are purchasing a property. In the even when you are cashing out, it would be easy to repatriate these hard cash back home.

To know more about real estate both here in Phuket and Krabi, its best to contact, we know and you will be in safe hands.