With the abundance of apps available that it really entices you to share your property when not in use with other holiday renters. These like Airbnb, Traveloka, Agoda and a few other it makes money sense to just get on the band wagon and share your unused space to earn an income. While blocking the dates when you are using.

Most of these holiday rental apps are user friendly, like for example Airbnb. Airbnb app allows you to list and you can share with someone like us to help manage your listing. The accounts could be managed by your selves. Where funds will be transferred to your account. We could be your back end to hand over the keys, manage the housekeeping, undertaking all enquires and repairs during the hosting period. You select  the pricing, we manage the back end.

We are already managing 25 over properties both in Phuket and Krabi, for short terms rentals. If you not familiar, we could add your listing to our list of properties and manage for you these short term rentals. We are easy and flexible. What works for you, always we try to make it work for us too.