Its a whole wide world out there in Phuket and Krabi. Its confusion the least to say. Many owners choose to market their properties themselves. Fine and good for them. But the truth be known, its not easy. Your market out reach is really so limited to someone who passes your property.

Here at, we have a team that works and coordinates all our listings. We pool them to a common pool and share to maximize the maximum exposure. All company personal have excess to your property and the listing agent will coordinate with the owner.

All listing are given equal weightage on our web site, Our main marketing is done on our web site. All potential buyers are drawn to this site as there are many hits coming from all over the world. This site is marketed on google sites and facebook. Our SEO is so strong and a lethal arsenal in our first marketing strategy. We are all have a long list of clients and their referrals always coming our way.

If you have a property to sell or rent, should be your preferred choice. better still call us for a short discussion.