This is the most important question that arises all the time where should I place my bet!

Phuket besides all the best weather, food and white sandy beaches, has a lot more to offer. For the young family with young kids, Phuket has some of the best international schools. Yes some are costly, but when compared to the local schools in the city. But when compared on par to other good international schools in the region, Phuket International schools are significantly cheaper. But school fees are not just the total equation. We have the take other important data too. Food, transportation, tuition  and housing cost too.

Our focus is housing. Phuket Residential is here to share these important facts and how www.phuketresidential.com can help you achieve this. The per sq foot of housing cost is ridiculously low weather you are planning to rent or to purchase. Visit our web site, there are some options and if you dont find anything interesting, we always will work with other property owners and agents to show you more properties, that will finally catch your eye.

We do not charge for our time or any commission fees weather you are buying or renting a property. The owners pay us. But we work for you. Thats what www.phuketresidential.com is all about.